Midwest Track Builders took the most embarrassing aspect of our facility (track) and turned it into one of the greatest aspect of our facility.
Midwest Track Builders delivered on all promises made about the quality and implementation of our track. It has made a tremendous positive impact on our school through form and function. The SEAL-FLEX track installed by Midwest Track Builders has had an enormous impact on our school. It has improved the look of our facility, it has improved all sports programs with the ability to train athletes on it, and has given us an edge with our track and field teams. The quality of the track installed by Midwest Track Builders is unbelievable. The smooth surface and cushion make it an idea space to train and compete.

Thanks again for a job well done!
— Mike – Brother Rice High School
Time slips away and before anymore passes I would like to send you a note about the track painter that you sent out on our job. I have been involved with the lining of this track since it was new in 1977 and I can say without a doubt that this striping is by leaps and bounds the best paint job and easiest to work with painter that we have ever had. His attention to detail, not being afraid to use paint, and concern for our needs, desires, and requirements have never been matched in my experience. Thank you for sending him! Of course, we are always appreciative of your concern for our track, program, and district.
— Art Seivers – Monticello High School
Monticello Community Unit School District No. 25 has just completed the installation of a new running track by Midwest Track Builders, Inc under the direction of J.V. Johnson. The final product is a wonderful addition to the District facilities.

Mr. Johnson has worked with the District for the last 6 years helping us maintain the 1975 track until such time as funds became available for the total replacement that has just been accomplished. His knowledge and assistance in writing the specifications allowed the project to come in $35,000 under the projected budget.

The crew from Midwest Track Builders was excellent and hard working. They finished the project in less than a week. The painter was right behind them. Seven days after approval of the base asphalt work done by an area contractor, the District had its new track open for community use and the Track and Field Summer Camp.

Mr. Arthur Sievers has personally been involved in every part of the artificial track program here at Monticello from the first installation in 1975 through the just completed project by Midwest Track Builders. He states without reservation that the work that was just completed is the best overall job from a quality of finish project, cost effective installation, and responsiveness to the needs of the District standpoint that has been done by any of the surface contractors involved.

The District would be happy to recommend Mr. J. V. Johnson and Midwest Track Builders, Inc. to any District seeking and all-weather facility.
— Dr. Victor Zimmerman Superintedent of Schools
Our company has provided the engineering services for several all-weather tracks for high schools in the east central Illinois area. Midwest Track Builders has installed the rubberized surface and applied the striping for the tracks in Rantoul, St. Joseph, Catlin, Gibson City, and Tuscola, Illinois. Their staff is extremely efficient and knowledgeable concerning construction of all-weather track surfaces. In addition, their knowledge of the IHSA track regulations insures construction of facilities that are in compliance with current regulations. They have helped our clients receive recycled rubber grants from the State of Illinois, and the have completed the paperwork for funding and reimbursement fo the grant funds. In our many years of working with them, Midwest Track Builders has consistently excelled and provided the schools with an excellent product. They have the know-how and experience that helps our track projects run smoothly. We enjoy working with them and would highly recommend them for future track projects.
— Jerry K. Dewhirst, Project Manager – Sodemann and Associates, Inc.