Track Maintenance Tips

In order to insure the maximum life span of your SEAL-FLEX product, the following procedures and considerations must always be taken into account, and exercised regularly:

No rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards, bicycles, tricycles, wheelchairs or any other selfpropelled, or otherwise-propelled wheeled apparatus shall be allowed on the facility.

Limit vehicular traffic:

  • Limit vehicular traffic to light-weight maintenance equipment and mowers ONLY.
  • Mower operators must elevate mowers to maximum height and all equipment should cross areas on plywood or crossing-mat protected paths.

If other vehicles MUST use the track:

  • Avoid standing still and operating power steering.
  • Avoid gasoline and oil spillage and drippings from all motorized equipment and vehicles.
  • Avoid jack rabbit starts.
  • Avoid slamming on bracks.

For team crossing areas & heavy foot traffic areas:

  • Lay crossing mats.
  • Rubber Belting.
  • Artificial Grass.
  • A Midwest Track Builders approved crossing mat.

*Each of the above is preferable to plywood.

Apply a six inch spray of water base vegetation killer:

  • On all edges where grass abuts. (i.e. Round-Up by Monsanto)
  • Once monthly during growing season.
  • Every 60 days during dormant periods.

When and if ant infestation becomes apparent, and this typically appears at the edges, curbing, and/or in existing cracks, we suggest that a powder application of Orthene (by Ortho) be immediately applied. A comparable type of insecticide may be as effective. Always follow the written manufacturer’s directions.

Use weed eaters only if extreme caution is taken not to allow cutting line to contact surfaced area.

Do not use any fertilizers at all near the track or spill it on the track. It will stain your track (If container warns of concrete staining, it will also stain your track.) In addition, do not get any grass seed on the track, as it will grow.

It is difficult to broom a surfaced area:

  • Use water nozzle and hose.
  • Use blower.

Do not use surface area for storage. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Irrigation equipment and pipes.
  • Hurdles – high jump or pole vault standards – pits.
  • Bleechers.

Lift and carry equipment for placement. DO NOT DRAG EQUIPMENT!


  • Try to provide even wear on each lane.
  • Alternate lanes for practice, daily.
    1. Starts
    2. Hurdles
    3. Hand-offs
    4. Distance work
  • Keep an alert eye out for individuals intentionally damaging the surface with spikes, vandalism, etc.
  • Maximum spike length: 1/4″ Preferred: 3/16″

Signs can be helpful: (Examples)

  • No wheeled vehicles or pets allowed on track.
  • No rollerblades, rollerskates, skateboards, etc. permitted.
  • Joggers – Please use outside 3 lanes only.

The suggestions above can possibly aid you in extending the life of your track and its appearance.

Your track is tough and can withstand hard use; but please, always exercise common sense and your best judgment, and you will enjoy your SEAL-FLEX Running Track for many years to come.